Vision and Values

Our Vision

A community of faith who will….  Raise disciples of Jesus who…..  By the power of the Holy Spirit will….  Transform communities.

Our Core Values


  • where Jesus is worshipped with passion and integrity
  • where the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit is commonplace
  • where God’s Word, the Bible, taught and lived out in our lives
  • where we recognise that the Kingdom of God is about The Church, not just our church


  • where we recognise that we need one another, and that we are stronger and more effective when we work together
  • where we choose to live together in unity, honouring one another and working with others in the local church and the kingdom of God
  • where we engage and partner with the community for the good of the community


  • where people matter more than programmes
  • where people are taught, equipped and enabled to become all that God intends them to be
  • where we express the grace and love of Jesus to one another and build genuine community


  • where we live lives that are generous and sacrificial
  • where we meet and accept other people as they are
  • where we demonstrate the love of Christ to some of the most disadvantaged people, both in our community and further a field
  • where we communicate the Good News of Jesus in a way that is understandable, by the things we say and how we live our lives