Vision and Values


To bring Heaven to our world through the love, truth, power and presence of Jesus


As in Heaven

The authority, power and presence of Father, Son and Holy Spirit is at the centre of everything we are and do.  We live life in all its fullness, expressing Father God's exuberance, creativity and excellence, dedicated to fervent worship.  Faith connects us to the supernatural power of Holy Spirit and enables us to partner with Jesus, living naturally supernatural lives.


We believe the Bible is the inspired living word of God.  We are disciples of Christ and his word and are on a Journey to become more like Jesus.  The Bible and the Holy Spirit continually reveal God's truth and life to us.  We find joy in seeing the fruit that the word of God brings to our lives.

Loving because we are loved

God is good, and nothing can separate us from his unconditional love.  This sets us free from insecurity and fear, enabling us to love and accept ourselves and empowering us to love others.

Freedom with responsibility 

We believe that everyone is free to be who God has created them to be.  We encourage everyone to be teachable, to take responsibility for their personal growth and to understand that their acions impact both themselves and others.  We learn from our mistakes and put things right if we mess up.

Valuing people 

Everyone is important, created in God's image.  He has designed each one of us to play a unique and significant role in His kingdom.  God paid humanity the supreme honour by becoming one of us, then he paid us an even greater honour in his death and resurrection.  We look with the eyes of Jesus, valuing, honouring and empowering people to live in their heavenly identity as royal sons and daughters of God - to fulfil the destiny and purpose that he has for their lives.

Blessing our world

God has called us to be a blessing, transforming our world into a better place.  We are committed to positively influence our world, expressing God's love, grace, hope, goodness and joy to everyone we meet.  We are a family where everyone is welcome to come and enjoy friendship, care, love, fun and practical support.  We encourage everyone to encounter Holy Spirit for themselves as we lead them into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Together we are stronger

We cannot reach our community for Jesus or impact our world on our own.  We need to work together with others to bring heaven to earth.  So we pursue positive connection with those within and outside of the Church, sharing resources, knowledge and vision, to promote the Gospel and improve the quality of life of those living in our community.

Giving our best

God gives extravagantly to us.  He gave his best for us. So, whether in our worship, service, thanksgiving or in the use of our energy, time, money and possessions, we believe in generously giving our best.


Cultural statement

Everyone is welcome, nobody is  perfect, anything is possible!